Youths’ endorsement of Bello for president, boost for Nigeria’s political space – Emmanuel | The Guardian Nigeria News


Yahaya Bello

A lawyer, Shadrach Emmanuel has said the country’s political space has gained more vitality since Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello received a push from a large number of Nigerian youths to run for Presidency in 2023.

According to him, the governor is trending on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platform and there is no sign that he is going to stop being subject of interest to Nigerians.

He added that supporters are intensifying their support, while pundits are making busy making predictions.

“The real “Audacity of Hope” is made manifest in the possibility of Governor Yahaya Bello becoming President. This is on the background that, firstly, he is from the North Central political region, a region unceremoniously neglected during Nigeria’s democratic dispensation, yet contribute so much to the progress of democracy in the country. Secondly, he represents the youth who dare to dream to become President and the youths are often regarded in political permutation as an instrument for political violence and thuggery and lastly, he is not a conventional or mainstream politician; Nigerian conventional politician believe that the office of the President is for the display of grandeur and not that of responsibility.

“It, therefore, becomes a rare ‘Audacity of Hope’ to change the political status quo in Nigeria and almost unthinkable to dream of being a Nigerian President, if you are not from one of the three ‘major ethnic groups in the country. This is one of the political storms that must be weathered by Bello and he is doing that pretty well,” he said.

Emmanuel stressed that the truth about Bello’s quest for Presidency is not about his person trying to grab power for aggrandizement, but about the Nigerian youths being at the helm of affairs of national politics and governance.

He said it is about giving them the chance to lead the country they call their own and restore the dignity of the nation.

He said: “So suggesting otherwise in a time like this, is to be politically insensitive, callous and treacherous.

“More than 20 per cent of the Nigerian states borders have relative peace and security today because we have a leader in the governor, who understands the primary responsibility of a government and executing same without any slack.

“He stands out and is ready to restore what the country has lost and make every Nigerian be proud of the country.

“If Nigeria is ready to be turned around for good and be among the comity of prosperous nations, then, the country should not shy away from the credible potential of Bello and this is the truth about ‘Bello’s Presidency’, the sooner we realize this, the better.”

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